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Garden Wizard - Nicholls
Garden Wizard - Nicholls
Garden Wizard - Nicholls
Garden Wizard - Nicholls

Garden Wizard - Nicholls

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Garden Wizard - hand sculpted by Lee-Anne Peters

Nicholls has been around since the oak trees first dropped their acorns. He's seen the world move through many phases and sometimes he can't keep up. Nicholls loves dissecting acorns, and any seed for that matter, to see it's inner workings.

Name: Nicholls
Number: 2020/25
Height: 22.5cm
Width: 8cm
Depth: 9cm
Weight: 314g
Shipping weight: under 1kg
Exchange: AUD$80 - (approx USD$52) plus shipping - see below
Materials: White stoneware clay with dolphin blue glaze, and shiny white glaze over.
Clay patterning / impression: net fabric.

Handbuilt by Lee-Anne Peters

Great to decorate and enhance your home, office, garden, alter or sacred space.

All Garden Wizards are numbered, named, stamped and come with a signed authenticity card.

All wizards are made with stoneware ceramic clay, which is breakable if dropped or smashed against something. Please handle with care. All wizards are packaged well to avoid breakage in shipping.

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