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Sculpture - Phyta
Sculpture - Phyta
Sculpture - Phyta
Sculpture - Phyta
Sculpture - Phyta
Sculpture - Phyta
Sculpture - Phyta

Sculpture - Phyta

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Sculpture - Phyta - Earth People Collection #4

handmade in high-fired stoneware clay

includes Certificate of Authenticity.

A high-fired (quite durable) handmade sculpture. This is Phyta - short for: Magnoliophyta - definition: flowering plants. 

Phyta has an affinity with exotic flowers, and has a strong desire to protect, embody and tend to them.

As she walks barefoot on the Earth, the soles of her feet stimulate the soil with fertility and life. Phyta helps keep the Earth fertile so new exotic flower seeds will germinate in the future.

Phyta is an eager being... she leans forward ready for action and to help encourage things to grow. She has likely shown up in your life to inspire growth and an appreciation of the beauty around you. Phyta inspires confidence, fertility and creativity.

Her skin markings are worn and displayed proudly - as she encourages you to wear your scars and markings with pride - for they make you who you are.

When Phyta shows up in your life there will be no time for rest, for she is highly motivated, alert and appreciative.

Details -

Collection: Earth People Collection #4 - In the Land of Shymaree Exhibition.

Dimensions: H. 42.5cm x W: 19cm x D: 18cm

Base style: flat

Glaze colour: various colourants, stains and underglazes carefully hand painted on. Over some of these is clear glaze to give a sheen effect.

Weight: 2.78kg

Shipping Weight - total package - total: 5.78kg (with careful and thorough  packaging)

Price: AU$280 (approx USD213 - GBP155) plus shipping - see below

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Created by Lee-Anne Peters

*Some reflections or shadows observed in photo may not be present in person.

*Ceramics are breakable, so please handle gently and with care.