Baby birds in nest
Baby birds in nest

Baby birds in nest

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Baby Birds (9) plus egg (1) in ceramic nest - hand sculpted by Lee-Anne Peters

Birds are beautiful. Here, in these tiny hand moulded and hand painted baby birds - you can enjoy the babies, without the noise. Each bird is uniquely coloured and moulded. They are all unglazed and are made from stoneware clay or terracotta clay, high fired. They sit within a stoneware ceramic nest. With care, these would be a great gentle entertainment for curious children, or for the adult who wants to tap into their inner child.

Height: 4cm
Width: 7cm
Depth: 7cm
Weight: 151g
Shipping weight: under 500g
Exchange: AUD$30 - (approx USD$21) plus shipping - see below

Handbuilt by Lee-Anne Peters

A great piece to decorate and enhance your home, office, alter or sacred space. It can be held as a reminder of the qualities it brings.

This item is made with stoneware ceramic clay, which is breakable if dropped or smashed against something. Please handle with care. All ceramic items are packaged well to avoid breakage in shipping

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