Handfish Jar - Med
Handfish Jar - Med
Handfish Jar - Med
Handfish Jar - Med

Handfish Jar - Med

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Med Handfish Character Jar

handmade in terracotta

Inspired by the Tasmanian Handfish varieties - which are small fish that use their fins like hands and 'walk' across the sea bed. They are related to the angler fish. 

This jar is not pretty, but is loaded with character, texture, colour and it's surface has been inspired by the Handfish's denticles - which are tooth-like scales over their skin.

Suitable for food or other storage within the jar. This is food safe.

Details -

Dimensions: H. 12cm x W: 12cm x D: 15cm

Base style: concave

Glaze colour: matt clear glazed over coloured underglaze, and matt glaze inside

Weight: 467g

Shipping Weight - total package - total: 0.99kg (with packaging)

AU$130 plus shipping - see below

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

*Some reflections or shadows observed in photo may not be present in person.

*Ceramics are breakable, so please handle gently and with care.