Art Residency - 3rd week reflection!

Art Residency Diary

Lee-Anne Peters

Day 9 & 10 – 20 & 21 August 2022


I'm trying not to think too much about the residency coming to an end in one week, and am spending every hour I can on site between now and then.


Yesterday I arrived in the afternoon, had lovely conversations with visitors and set to completing a couple of group swan paintings I started last week.



Today I've been giving consideration to my original objective going into this Art Residency, from back on the 4th of August. I write regularly in my journal, and reflected then on a few things like:

1. What do I want to achieve from this residency?

2. Why focus on the Black Swan?

3. What may be a challenge in this residency?

4. How might I anticipate rectifying that?


It makes sense to me to reflect on these now, while I've still got one week left just in case there was something I missed or forgot about.


Upon reflection I see all is on track, with no challenges (except the personal painting kind - which is normal, and is overcome through experimentation).


At the beginning I did anticipate that a challenge might be a lack of good composition planning, so I put steps into place from then to potentially eliminate that issue. I did that by preparing every piece as thoroughly as possible. I did this, it worked, so it didn't become a problem - yes!


I'm very happy with where I'm at, the progress I've made and this entire experience.


My personal goal now is to complete ten Black Swan paintings within this body of work. I've currently seven complete, one almost, the ninth was started today and the final one is yet to begin. I am on track to have them all done by the end of Thursday - ready for this coming weekend's Art Exhibition (with early viewing on Friday).


I'm beyond grateful and touched to my core....


I'll be back at AirSpace Oatlands tomorrow (Monday) from 11am - 4pm, and same times on Tuesday if you want to pop in.


79 High st,

Oatlands, TAS


See calendar of opening days / hours pinned to the top of my Facebook Page, and in the window at the above location.


Black Swan Exhibition – Sat 27 Aug (10am – 6pm) & Sun 28 Aug (10am – 3pm) Final day!



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