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Below you will find a list of awards Lee-Anne has achieved for her ceramics

23 Oct 2020 - Lee-Anne won the Tasmanian Ceramics Association John Watson's 'Humour in Clay' Award for their annual exhibition titled - Contained.

Accompanying poem:
On a windy day, in the month of May,
This little blue bird flew.
It dashed and darted through the air,
Over trees and bushes it knew.
It came to land, on a branch so grand,
So the blue bird started a song.
Its voice rang high, it reached the sky,
But in the ground something was wrong.
Muffled groans grew, under the winter ground’s dew,
This added to the fabric of the song.
Before too long, other birds joined along,
The blue bird wasn’t singing alone.
As the day grew long, the tune formed a new song, titled;
‘I found my new home!’


28 Sept 2018 - Lee-Anne won her first ceramic award for the 'little monster cookie jar' - John Watson's humour in clay award - from the Tasmanian Ceramics Association annual exhibition.