Arts & Craft Newsletter - Campbell Town Tasmania - 2nd Edition

Edition 2 | May 2024
From the editor:
It’s been a great first full month for our Campbell Town Art & Craft Group. We’re now recognising ‘regulars’ and we’ve committed to sponsor the ‘craft’ section of the upcoming Campbell Town Show (Fri 31st May & 1st June) for the first time.
As a group we will be having a stall in the Exhibition Hall and will spend most of our gatherings in May preparing for this exciting event. If you’d like to meet some of us from the group and see some of our creations and demonstrations of things like: needle felting, knitting, ceramics, painting, drawing etc, please stop by our stall at the show and ask us any questions you might have.
In April we explored encaustic (wax) art – which led me to buying more supplies and creating a huge painting for which I have entered into the upcoming Bay of Fires Art Exhibition. We tried out needle felting – and a certain someone in the group who was resistant to start with, ended up purchasing equipment and tools, and at our next gathering shared with us all sorts of amazing felted things she’d been making!!
Last Saturday (27th April) was our first weekend group. It was a gorgeous day and the four of us challenged ourselves to some still life drawing and exploring, which was so fun.
The arts and crafts offer so many new avenues and creative options to explore. Some will appeal and call to us, while others won’t – and this is okay. To learn, connect and have a go in a fertile and supportive space can bring extra inspiration into our everyday life.
Happy Creating 😊
Lee-Anne Peters
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Needle Felting
9th April with Penny
Campbell Town Art & Craft Group (see calendar below for next sessions).
Share & Tell
16th April
Campbell Town Art & Craft Group (see calendar below for next sessions).
Campbell Town Art & Craft Group meet every:
1st ,2nd ,3rd Tuesday & 4th Saturday of the month.
Look out for School Holiday Child Friendly Art & Craft Sessions
Kids Art & Craft
18th April
Nine children of all ages attended the recent art & craft session at my studio.
We started by establishing what the individual child might be interested in creating. Some knew straight away and dove right in, while others thought some more about it before starting.
Then we looked up references via books, images or objects. Having a reference point can help us observe the form, shape, textures, colours and details of the thing we are drawing or painting.
Most started sketching out first with pencil, some added soft pastels and most went into acrylic paint.
In my studio I only have the primary colours (which can make up all colours) as well as black and white. So we did some great colour theory and figuring out how to make other colours like orange, green and more complex shades and tones.
There were many great artworks created and I am sure they are now filling up the fridges of several homes in our area.
The next kids devoted sessions will be during the forthcoming school holidays.
If your child is showing artistic interest and aptitude, please reach out and we can discuss after school or weekend sessions that may help them express and improve their artistic skills.
Still Life Drawing
27th April
We meet on the 4th Saturday of each month, our group explored speed drawing to loosen up and to become familiar with the display. Then we proceeded to focus in more detail on areas we were drawn to. Some of us added colours: pastel or pencil.
Campbell Town Art & Craft Group (see calendar below for next sessions).
Campbell Town Show
Fri 31 May – Sat 1 June
8am – 4pm
Exhibition Hall: enter your creation into the show. Only $3 per entry
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