Birds of Prey!

For several years I have dreamed about having my own solo exhibition. Although I have participated in a few group exhibitions - which I really enjoyed, I have been keen to dive into the challenge of going solo!

In Nov 2020 I decided to focus on this dream more seriously. I created the above vision board, and pinned it up in my work space.

The problem with it, I found out recently, is that it actually isn't about creating a body of work first, but to come up with the exhibition idea, propose to potential venues and proceed if it is accepted.

Being an emerging artist, with no solo exhibition under my belt yet, it was tricky to get into some venues.

However, my affiliation with the Raptor Refuge (in Kettering, Tasmania, Australia) for four years had been sitting in the background - waiting for my attention.

You see for about the last six months, I had been asked by the Raptor Refuge, for ideas for events at their location. I had this task as a reminder on my calendar every week during that time. Then on one morning, at the end of July 2021, I thought I would propose a wild idea I had to host an exhibition there.

One thing led to another, and next thing I know dates are booked, launch is set and in December I will be sharing in my first solo exhibition - OWLS & RAPTORS.

It will mainly be a sculptural exhibition - indoor and out.

The Raptor Refuge is the perfect location for this exhibition as it is surrounded by living, Tasmanian Raptors. These birds and this refuge have long inspired my own raptor sculptures and drawing.

It seemed like the obvious pairing - yet I didn't see it for months!!

Yes I was likely not ready - as I have recently learned new ceramic skills that I want to use for this exhibition.

The timing was perfect, and it fit in with my vision board goal.

Now, one week and one day after my meeting with the Raptor Refuge - discussions had, things confirmed - I have been eagerly, yet patiently making. For I have just three months to make quite a bit.

I've made some raptor tiles - like the one in the video - which is exciting, and we'll see how they fire up in the kiln.

At this stage it feels great to start this big project, and to pace myself over an extended period - I don't like last-minute stress!

If I have everything made one month early - I will be extra happy for then I can focus on other things to prepare for the event.

As many of my followers are not in my local area, I will also share an online exhibition and opening, with the same theme, at the same time.

There is much work to do, much to look forward to and many ideas to manifest.

I know I am ready for this task, and two things I am keeping in mind during this making stage is to: 1/ make everything well, and 2/ maintain high standards of work. This will mean a better end result, and hopefully no, or minimal mishaps in the kiln.

Watch this space for details, and keep an eye out on my Lee-Anne Peters Facebook Page for sneak peeks, details etc as they become available.


Thank you for reading and connecting. Do you have an all-time favourite raptor?

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Oh, Lee-Anne, how exciting! It’s going to be fabulous, I know it! Funny to hear your wonderful news today (8/13) because as I read your story I thought about my brother, Jack, who is an artist (self-taught) and today is his birthday!
    He has had many shows and I know that he usually, if not always, knows the theme ahead of time and then creates the pieces. I think it may be more inspiring that way.

    Owls! At the raptor sanctuary! Perfect!
    Cheers to you!

  • So excited for you to experience a new chapter of creativity. Enjoying your passion and seeing it shine through brightens each day. What an awesome opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.
    How exciting!!


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