Birthing the Cat Witch Collection!

At present, I have about seven Cat Witches which are in the process of their creation journey.
This journey started with my 'Garden Wizard' collection - that I revived in May 2020. A customer who was drawn to, and purchased two of these wizards requested I make a Cat Wizard for her 50th Birthday coming up.
Although, as a general rule, I do not take requests or commissions, this idea intrigued me, so I told her that I would see what I could do, and this lead to the development of 'Cat Witch Test Piece #1' - Luna.


Although I had some making issues with this test piece, I am very happy with how it turned out. So here I committed to making the next Cat Witch - #1. This is the one for my customer's birthday, so I have never shared it publicly - and for now this will remain.

Following these first two creations, at this present time, I have made five more - up to #6 (with test piece #1).

Over the coming weeks we will meet them, and it is likely I will make another few more before my kiln will be fired in mid to late August.



Although I am happy with the design and end results, the process of making these is new and at times a challenge for me. I am becoming familiar with cat faces and cat characteristics. It's been quite difficult to get key details correct, in my mind.

So at this stage I am not sure of the future of this collection, I guess it will be gauged by the popularity, or lack thereof, once the Cat Witches are glazed and complete.

All the Cat Witches pictured are what we call 'green ware' - which is just air dried. In the coming weeks they will be bisque fired, and then glaze fired to stoneware temperatures. They will all be colourful and glazed by the end.

Stay tuned for the creation journey on my Lee-Anne Peters Ceramics Facebook page. And in the Homeware store collection once complete.

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Hi Lee-Anne, I am absolutely loving this new direction that you’ve been called to flow into. I shall be following with great interest.
    Blessings always,

    Sonya Grove

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