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Good morning,

This morning I learned that Facebook has restricted my Lee-Anne Peters Artist - Facebook Page - it's somehow got tangled up in the news / media restrictions at the moment.

So, please do keep an eye out on my other page - www.facebook.com/TOBhealers and in my 'Blog Article' tab here for updates.

I am at the final stages of a make phase... currently a batch of cups are finishing their air-drying. Over the coming few days, I intend to make a few more terracotta talismans to add into this next firing...

[more terracotta talismans - similar to this incoming]


My current intention is to get the first bisque firing on asap - hopefully by mid next week (around 24/25 Feb), and the final glaze firing during the week of the 1st of March.

While I am here, if you have any terracotta talisman requests (no obligation) for me to consider - you've about 24hrs to submit as a comment or contact form. I will be making a couple of the Tree styles (similar to above) and I've had a request for a Spider.... is there any animal / totem / symbol that you would LOVE to wear?

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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  • I would love to purchase one of your tree and love heart talismans, I feel so very drawn to it . How do I do this please? Thanks Sharon 💚

    Sharon Ryder

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