Clay fascinates me


I wouldn't say that my relationship with clay is complex. I actually think that now I know clay quite well (still a lot to learn too), that we have a simple relationship.
Clay helps me realise my ideas, imaginings and feelings. It is a great form of expression for me, and I can take it as far as my imagination and the material's limits allow.
Over the past seven years I have learned its rules (mostly), abilities, personality and temperament fairly well. Although, sometimes when I think I know it, it surprises me - but that's a story for another blog in the future!
Clay fascinates me. I mould and manipulate it to build, create and realise my ideas. There is still so much to learn, however I am learning more from it everyday.
It's pure earth, mineral, crystal in mud form.
It's history, future and the present moment.
It's healing, transformative and alchemical.
It is an extension of who I am.
It's in my dreams, fills my ideas and wakes me early in the morning to touch it.
It works with all elements, water, earth, fire and air.
It challenges and pushes me.
It rarely disappointments me.
It is powerful, colourful, light, white, heavy, adaptable, tactile, versatile, groggy, earthy, workable, and beautiful.
It can make delicate jewellery, functional kitchenware, we drink from it, it tiles our walls and floors, we make toilets, sinks, and baths with it. We can sculpt, mould and build with it. What is not to love about the possibilities of clay?
My relationship with it over these past seven years has been pretty good. It works quite well with me and I with it. We are friends, working together to create forms, vessels and sculptures. Clay is a gift, like many things in my life, that I will never take for granted.
I cannot imagine my life without clay and I am excited to see how our relationship further develops in the future.
One of my personal favourite little clay sculptures. This is something I hold, touch, and sit with often. It feels great, the shape is wonderful, it fits in my palm and reminds me what clay can turn into. This soothes me.


Thank you for reading and connecting.

Do you have a relationship with clay? Maybe you do with another material that helps you realise your ideas?

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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