Dragon-themed creations..

A couple of weeks ago I thought I'd sculpt a pumpkin (as you do)! I have wanted to for a few months after seeing Kate Malone's work. I had a couple of hours to make one hot early April evening, so I started this pumpkin.

It grew larger and larger.... I left it to firm up a bit overnight, and returned to it in the morning. Coiling a few more layers up, I thought that it looked like a really cool bowl. So I wondered what I could add to it to elevate it and make it awesome!

I thought of a couple of pretty ordinary things, stepped aside to have breakfast and thought of a DRAGON!! This excited me!

A dragon it was. Well two actually....

The last dragon sculpture I made ended up broken in the kiln.... like this...


Just made.... ^^
Looking spectacular, but broken in the kiln ^^


So I got to work.... spending all day building these dragons attached to my new pumpkin-inspired bowl.

Sometimes things, especially new things, just build well. They seem to assemble pretty smoothly, and it was the case with this piece.


new dragon nest / bowl...


I have quite an affinity with dragons. I love drawing them - although I don't do it often as they are quite the challenge.

The day after I made the dragon bowl (above) I reflected on when I started my Pillar of Light Membership, as it was the 7yr anniversary on this day. I remember back then, in April 2014 that I felt like I was a rabbit tending to the nest that is Temple of Balance and my Pillar of Light Members.

I knew my job was to tend to the nest - to create it how I thought was best, and others could hang out in it if they resonated, or not. It was not my responsibility to keep people there or change the space to suit the wants of a vocal few.

The rabbit - strong for these past 7yrs with my work, is a symbol of creativity, fertility and nurturing. I certainly have had a fertile and very creative time.

Now, 7yrs later, after my husband looked at my dragons on the bowl he said 'it looks like a dragon's nest!' Then I knew that I had upgraded the rabbit nest into the dragon's nest.

I am still feeling fully on the significance of this, and my intention of 'tending to the nest' (focusing on what is important to me at the time) has not changed. However the rabbit has been replaced with the dragon energy.

I feel this is incredibly symbolic of the power, strength, self belief and confidence I am moving into. This is true, not only with my Temple of Balance work, but also my art and myself personally. I will see the scope of this more in the coming months.

As for this Dragon's Nest sculpture. It sits waiting to go into the kiln, and will enter into a long and dramatic journey to finish it's creation.

I intend on pushing myself into a dragon-themed make, and to fill the kiln ONLY with dragon inspired pieces this next time. I think it will all be complete mid-late May. Keep your eyes out on my facebook page for peeks along the way.

Dragon theme is emerging.... I'll see if I can make Dragon-inspired; sculptures, cups, plates, bowls, figures, jewellery etc etc....

Water Dragon drawing - from my Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards


Thank you for reading and connecting.

Do you have a special connection with dragons? What do they mean to you? Do you have any dragon ornaments or artworks in your possession?

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Hello Lee-Ann,
    The dragons have come to me as well in the last year and a half and I am so grateful for them🙏
    When I saw the on that shelf broke in the kiln it truly reminded me of the tower card, can you help the dragon to represent that?
    I also just need a small bowl with a dragon 🐉 or a flat dragon shape to put stones on or my feather on, even an insense burner made out of a dragon?? I just know I would want to buy my first dragon from you😍 I live in the US so it has to be able to travel🤩 So appreciate you in my life, I hope to chat with you some day to tell you some of the magical experiences I have had from your healing cards, I am so grateful for them🙏

    Have a blessed day, Jodi Kerry


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