Exhibition Opening Day - my experience

I feel like it is the morning of my wedding day, but I am not getting married. Later today I will be gathering with family and friends, and some people I don't know to share things I have been making.

The weather forecast is not fantastic.... so hopefully it will be at least partially fine.
In my heart I feel that this is a day to celebrate. To celebrate an important milestone in my life, and especially looking back on less than 3yrs ago when my ceramics came to a halt because of a fire.
I dreamed of house fires all night.... they didn't feel scary, but actually represented old structures in my life - including how I see myself, burning away.
This is a time to celebrate the harvest and fruits of my hard work. But this time I get to present and share with those closest to me. People will come and visit the baby I have birthed - but there are over 150 babies - some that required harder work and effort to birth than others.
I reflect back on these past 3yrs - just before the fire, when I was making small works that were helping me hone my technical skills, my pottery then was a hobby really..... and then there was the fire, I was stopped in my tracks, my world shaken for a bit and I questioned where or if pottery even fit into my life.....
I didn't need to think for too long, for I knew that I couldn't imagine not having clay in my life.... so I set myself a massive rebuilding and upgrading task - which lasted 9 months.
After I turned on my new large kiln I experienced prob a good 6 months testing period - to get familiar with my new kiln and figure out what I wanted to make now.
One year ago I mused about working towards my first solo exhibition... I stepped out, but many gallery applications were not accepted. So I thought that I would try it my own way, contacted my friend at the Raptor Refuge and it has all happened since then.
I had no idea that I could make the things I've made.
This moment, this day is but a milestone on my ceramics journey... and I can't wait to see where everything will go.
Yes, I see more now than ever what I am actually capable of... and to access that it requires hard work, setting personal challenges, moving out of our comfort zone and reaching out.
We don't know what we are truly capable of until we have a go and try!


Preparing for the opening event:

After several days of beautiful summery weather, the day of the opening was cold, rainy and windy. As most of the activities and presentations were better outside, I was reasonably happy that the weather mostly cleared - although cool - during the prime couple of hours.

The Clarence City Band's Flute Choir played a few upbeat tunes for us as we listened, browsed the exhibition and the raptors living on site.





Thank you for reading and connecting.

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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