'Follow me' - second day of Art Residency

Art Residency Diary
Lee-Anne Peters
Day 2 – 5 August 2022
What a treat it has been to stay overnight here for the first time this month. I went to sleep doing a self-guided meditation to connect with the Black Swan. This morning I felt inspired to step out of my comfort zone this month and try some crazy and different painting techniques.
It doesn't hurt to experiment, and if not successful I can always paint over it.
Today I have pretty much finished my first painting here. I say 'pretty much' because I just want to look at it again with fresh eyes on Sunday before confirming and varnishing. I have called it 'Follow me'. It is 120cm x 80cm, acrylic on plywood.
I am very happy with the enticing posture and facial expression of this painting, as well as the depth and feeling of weight in the body. I like the feeling of movement within the swan's feathers.
The two pieces I prepared the composition for yesterday have had some paint added today.
A lovely elderly gentleman named 'Peter' visited me today. He talked positively about death, living and spirituality. This painting is named in his honour, it is called 'To the Heavens.' Before even meeting Peter I wanted this piece to have a soft, mysterious and ethereal feel. It is not complete yet, however I am happy with it's progress – it's probably ¾ complete.
A few days ago I snapped a photo of a Black Swan nearby. He had his feather's all ruffled up, and I wanted to capture this in a painting. This one is in the very early stages – with just one layer of paint blocking out the areas. My tentative title for this piece is 'Ruffles'. However I'll see how the ruffles turn out before confirming.
It's home sweet home for me now, and I'll be back here on Sunday morning, from around 10am till noon.




79 High st,

Oatlands, TAS


See calendar of opening days / hours pinned to the top of my Facebook Page.


Open for these special events: Hertiage Festival – Sat 13 & 14 Aug – 10am-4pm, and, Exhibition – Sat 27 Aug (10am – 6pm) & Sun 28 Aug (10am – 3pm) Final day!

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  • Hi Leeanne, welcome to Oatlands! Looks like you’ve hit the ground running. I hope you find it an inspiring place in which you can be very productive. I know I find it is. Please feel welcome to visit my studio at 104 High St. Cheers, Kat.

    Kat Wittmann

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