Getting ready...

It's been over seven months now since I enjoyed the luxury of my own Art Studio space, and since we moved home.

During that time I've been drawing and creating on the dining table and wherever I can set up a temporary space. Although, it's not quite so easy with clay, so my ceramics has mostly been on pause.

During this time I've been happy settling in, renovating, learning how to make concrete and I have dived heavily into band.

I knew the time for setting up my studio was approaching and I had intended on contacting an electrician in the New Year to start proceeding with hooking up my garage to electricity - as this would become my new Art Studio.

We had things lining up ready to get this happening, and it all accelerated this month when RebeccA from 'An Artistic Affair' - a local gallery owner invited me to put some of my ceramics in her gallery.

This has helped fuel me towards getting my Art Studio happening now.

I feel patient, yet have been very proactive in sorting what needs to be sorted and getting organised with this.

Although it may take a few more months to get the electricity finished, it is summer here, so I intend to be working in my Art Studio as soon as I can get it ready - from 1 - 3 weeks from now.

I can sculpt as much as I like - as the clay will not go off, and can only be 'wrecked' by becoming wet or if its not stored well and parts are bumped and break. My plan is to steadily sculpt and make again with clay and build up a collections of pieces ready for when I can use my kiln.

There is no rush, just a steady pace now.

I have the time and I have the motivation to proceed.

New creations coming soon - as well as some 'open' studio days and classes in the near future.

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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