How do I keep my creativity flowing?

Thanks for your question Bernadette.

This is not something that can be answered easily as many factors are involved. I've broken down this subject into a few sections that I feel are important.

MAKE TIME / PRIORITIZE: It is essential that I make the time and prioritize my creativity. Although, sometimes it has to wait. Sometimes, in fact often, there are other things that are just more important. They may be commitments I have made, obligations I have to fulfill, maybe my body is not feeling well or the weather is cold and dark and I'm just not feeling it. Before too long though, I have to create something.

FOCUS: When the time comes to create, this is what my focus needs to be on. I make sure I have supplies, tools and everything easy to get to. With certain things I leave them out somewhere so I can literally just grab them and start. If it is too hard, or seems to hard to start, then that's when I might talk myself out of doing it (doesn't happen often).

MOTIVATING MYSELF: My self motivation is strong. The moment I wake up in the morning - whether it be 2am or 6am, my mind is revving up and I am running through ideas, plans and actions. This means I am not a person who can lay about in bed, awake. Even if I cannot sleep, if my mind is active, I will get up and do a few things until I am tired.

KEEPING A LIST: Because I have so much going on I find lists are a great asset to my day. I remind myself of tasks I want to do or things I need to get done. Even if these aren't creative things - it is by getting the things done on my list that frees up my time to create.

PLAN: I often need to plan / intend to create. I must think of the creations I could be doing, and see what I feel most drawn to. Then I trust what I feel drawn to, curious by or inspired about.

STATE OF BODY: My body needs to feel happy, strong, energised, light and feeling good for me to be able to create well. If I am feeling under the weather, tired etc, then I may just rest, or relax and do some doodling. I must look after the balance of my body daily with good sleep, exercise and healthy food / drink. I can't take good health for granted, so daily maintenance is essential to me.

FLOW: Although I have a reasonably regimented day, I use this to help me flow. My ability to flow and be organised is a balance, and I have worked out a good system for me. I find that being as organised as I can helps reduce stress, which then gives me the freedom and space to feel like creating. My flow is connected with my emotions - which is why I often use the words to 'feel my way forward'. My flow is moving with my intuitive impulses, my drive and curiosities - to move with the things that feel right at the time.

TARGET / GOAL / DEADLINE: It often helps me to have a goal in mind. This may be a personal deadline or incentive. I don't always need these, but having one or two on the go does help me.

DON'T PUT THINGS OFF: It is important that I don't put things off too often. I don't want unfinished business or lose ends dangling all around me. I try and get things done as soon as I can (priorities) to free up my time and inner space. I have no time to overthink things and procrastinate. Plus I have witnessed a lot of people in my life put things 'on hold' for a long time - perhaps never getting to it. I don't want to put things on hold forever. I want to seize the moment.

SOMETIMES CREATIVITY HAS TO WAIT: Life happens, and sometimes it is hard to find enough time to scratch myself let alone create. All I want to be doing is be creating, however I understand that I need to put the brakes on it sometimes to maintain my balance and priorities - to stay grounded.

SUPPORT: It certainly helps to have support for my creativity. Financial support from those who purchase my creations is a great motivator. I also receive a lot of support from my husband and children. They will give me space when I need it, or assist with tasks that need to be done before I can give myself permission to create.

.... and with my creativity and daily life shared here in a nutshell, you may see that I a do my best to stay organised, balanced, creative and tend to the priorities in my life.

However, I do sometimes fall off this well-greased wheel.

The things that can do this, in general, are my own distractions, disruptions to my equilibrium and routine, a drop in my self confidence or pressure I put onto myself.

When these sorts of things occur I can start to lean towards feeling overwhelmed....

HOWEVER, I have learned that as soon as overwhelm creeps in, I need a break - so I take one as soon as I can. I must be aware of when I start to feel overwhelmed so I can do something about it.

Often the best remedy is a break, however sometimes I also need to look at my priorities - have I taken on too much (often I do)? Sometimes things need to be culled in my life and a more efficient way of working, creating or a routine needs to be enforced.

Then I am back on my feet again, taking action, creating, living and having fun playing in this world.


Thank you for reading and connecting. Do you have a question for me? Please send it in.

How is your creative flow? How do you combat feeling overwhelmed?

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • I have so much to do in my home and garden that its hard to find time for anything else i journal daily, i need to meditate more, i have thought about getting my art stuff out and im following you more Lee-Anne things are coming together and im happy 🙏❤🙏

  • I want to write but sometimes I don’t give myself permission to be capable. Lack of self- confidence. I feel not good enough at all. Not capable or competent. How do I get rid of that? How do I get forwards?

    Ann Elaine Olsson
  • I want to write but sometimes I don’t give myself permission to be capable. Lack of self- confidence. I feel not good enough at all. Not capable or competent. How do I get rid of that? How do I get forwards?

    Ann Elaine Olsson

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