Creating this award winning sculpture

On a windy day, in the month of May,
This little blue bird flew.
It dashed and darted through the air,
Over trees and bushes it knew.
It came to land, on a branch so grand,
So the blue bird started a song.
Its voice rang high, it reached the sky,
But in the ground something was wrong.
Muffled groans grew, under the winter ground’s dew,
This added to the fabric of the song.
Before too long, other birds joined along,
The blue bird wasn’t singing alone.
As the day grew long, the tune formed a new song, titled;
‘I found my new home!’
Lee-Anne Peters

In late October 2020, I won my second art and ceramic award for my piece called 'I found my new home'. This quirky piece formed itself.

What I mean by that is that I didn't plan it.

I remember grabbing out some clay and just playing with it. I was sculpting a lot of trees at the time and thought that I was again making two branches out of the one trunk.

However, as it formed, my imagination was triggered as the two branches morphed into a pair of legs.

I continued to mould it, added feet, a skirt and knickers!

Then one shoe on, and one off - these were so fun to sculpt!

To add to it, I thought it would be cute to have a little bird sitting on her foot.

Thus, the narrative evolved into this fun piece.


[sculpture just made - Sept 2020]


I finished it with some underglaze colours, and applied clear shiny glaze over everything except her legs - to add some surface contrast.

Watching her sit at the Tasmanian Ceramic's Association annual exhibition in late October 2020 has been thrilling. To observe viewers browsing the exhibition and then burst out into laughter when their eye catches her has been personally rewarding.

This award has been a bonus, for simply making this piece and seeing the response from others has been priceless.

I look forward to more unplanned creations in the future, as well as planned pieces.

~ All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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