Into the Unknown - Upcoming Solo Exhibition!

[The Journeyman - Earthenware - H: 52cm, W: 25cm, D: 25cm - Lee-Anne Peters]

In June 2023 I received news that my propsoal for a solo exhibition had been accepted with my dates set for late February / early March 2024.
What a thrill.... and an actual rare acceptance. You see I've had 5:1 odds of my proposal not being accepted, so I have been beyond excited ever since being given such an opportunity - which I intend to make the most of.
With my theme confirmed - Initiation: into the unknown - I set up a making and preparation plan for the next 6-7 months, and I needed to give good and serious thought to what I wanted to share and how I wanted to share it.
Social Gallery in Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart is a lovely small space, with street frontage, and will be perfect for my first official solo exhibition at a noteable gallery.
With this upcoming exhibition I wanted to confront myself with 'rites of passages' that many of us face during our lifetime - from death, to birth, from menopause to walking our journey alone (this is a good time to introduce you to 'The Journeyman' - pictured above. He is slowly walking from my studio to the exhibition space and hopefully he makes it in time for the opening)!
I spent the first 4 x months or so painting. I explored concepts I was personally diving into like: surrendering, taking a leap of faith, order and chaos, my first self portraits and knowing that my 98yr old grandmother was drawing near to the end of her life - I also wanted to document and explore this further with my art.

[Take me to the Afterlife - Acrlyic on Canvas - 61cm x 61cm - Lee-Anne Peters]

As my grandmother had the end stages of dementia, and then peacefully passed away in November 2023, 11 days after turning 99, she often found pure joy in me bringing her mother's ceramic water jug that she used to use as a child - I am looking after this precious family object now.
I remember my grandmother fondly touching, rubbing and remembering the jug every time like she was seeing it for the first. In this painting I wanted to capture and bring highlight to the joy within her, as well as her beautiful old hands holding this 100+ year old item.
After my grandmother's passing as a way for me to grieve and process her death and the sudden change to my routine after tending to her needs weekly or more often for seven years, I created a series of 'Grandmother Flowerpots' which will also be featured in this exhibition. There are a few vases and bud vases in there too. Each of the eleven items are impressed with the word - grandmother.

[Grandmother Flowerpot Collection - Earthenware - various sizes - Lee-Anne Peters]

Currently I am finishing off my major ceramic work - an almost life-size lady, sitting on a sculpture that looks like a tree trunk, with legs crossed, and several lights shinning out from within her. She will be called something like "Light shining from within".
[In progress: Light Shining from Within Lamp - Earthenware - H: 87cm x W:59cm x D: 62cm - Lee-Anne Peters]
I wasn't sure if I could pull off this ambitious build, however I did and am incredibly happy with how it is turning out so far. Within the next few days she will be complete from the ceramics end and then I can attach the parts and set up the lights within her properly. I can't wait to share her with you in person and for you to spend some quite private moments with her within a sacred area of the exhibition space.
There is loads more to come and to share that I have been keeping private so you can see when you attend in person.
I would be most delighted and honoured if you were able to and inspired to attend my upcoming solo exhibition. More details can be found below...
Let's walk through various initiation points as award winning artist Lee-Anne Peters takes you on a transformative journey.

Featuring Lee-Anne's earthy and organically formed sculptures and colourful paintings depicting transformation, healing, death, birth, ageing, fun and mystery.

You'll find: paintings, an indoor water feature, large sculptural floor lamp, 'grandmother flower pot and vase' collection, flowing forms, thought-provoking jars, cups and other creations.

Lee-Anne will be creating a large lady sculptural form during the exhibition.

OPENING NIGHT: Thursday 29th February
Arrive from 5.30pm for a 6pm start.
Nanna Bayer will open the exhibition.
All welcome.

Wed 28 Feb 10am - 5pm
Thu 29 Feb 10am - 5pm + opening night
Fri 1 Mar 10am - 3pm
Sat 2 Mar 10am - 5pm
Sun 3 Mar 10am - 5pm
Mon 4 Mar 10am - 12pm

Salamanca Arts Centre
67 Salamanca Place
Hobart, Tasmania

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