It's happening....

I've been patiently waiting to be able to write this blog, so I am thrilled that the time has come and here it is....

Over this past few weeks, after finally finding and securing an electrician, we've had electricity works done in preparation for me to be able to use my Studio.

I had only upgraded my studio and electricity in my previous house just over two years before we left. This was something Cory and I considered seriously before we moved. The expense and effort previously was huge, and to face the prospect of doing it all again was worthy of serious conversation.

[My previous Studio space - outside area]


We decided that it would be worth it, as moving cleared our entire mortgage and we knew that when moving that in the coming year or two we would be going through the motions of creating a Studio once again - although our new house already had a large garage we have been able to convert - bonus!

It's been almost twelve months since I last had my kiln on in our old house. And after the stress and labour involved with moving house and then settling in I've personally enjoyed these nine-ish months of having no studio. For someone who tends to 'rush in', it has been good for me to be patient. I even went through a few months of wondering if I even wanted to have a working studio.

That was a tormenting time for me, however I needed other things at the time, and now I am ready to create in my Studio.

[Excavating our trench]


At the beginning of March Cory and I started digging our trench for the underground electricity, however, all we found was large rock and dried clumps of clay!! This was quite the contrast to our very sandy soil previously.

Instead of doing it by hand we hired an excavator to dig for us, we back filled, and the electrician did his thing. On Thursday (16th March) our power company came and replaced our electrical cable to three phase so I can run my kiln. It all flowed very well, and by the end of Thursday I had lights on in my Studio for the first time!!!


[Power company changing over our overhead cable]


Tomorrow a helpful local is coming to help Cory and I move my kiln from one side of my Studio to the other. Then I can plug him in (Vulcan is the name I have given my kiln).

It's exciting for me now, but again, I feel really patient! I will be dabbling, sorting, and preparing my Studio space.

[My current Studio space being sorted out recently - before electricity was turned on]


I envision a gallery section (with ceramics, but also some of my paintings, jewellery, printed materials etc), as well as a generous space for making, glazing etc.... One of my dreams has been to build a Sculpture Garden, so I'll be working on that space over winter with the aim to open it in spring (our Sept / Oct).

[My largest outdoor piece - Peregrine Totem Tree Pole - in 2020]


I'm so grateful for those experts who have helped make this happen, for having the finances available to get it done, and for the incredible support from my husband Cory, as well as my children, all of my family, friends and supporters.

This is another, dream come true for me... I seem to create a lot of these in my life.

Over the coming weeks I'll be able to crank up my kiln, get some things I made over the New Year fired, and other things too.

Thank you very much for reading,

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Phenomenal!! So happy for you!! Your creations are next level!!


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