New pieces - coming 15 April 2023!!

After one year (almost to the day) I was able to turn my kiln on again after moving house and getting the space and electricity connected in my new studio.

I am super happy with the firing and end results of some pieces I've had made since Sept 2022.

Some highlighted pieces are:


[baby echidna, porcelain]

I made this porcelain baby echidna at a ceramics workshop in Sept 2022 with Debbie Hill and he turned out pretty special. I like that he sits comfortably in the hand.


[Centrepiece Chalice, stoneware]

The next day of the same workshop in Sept 2022 I made this chalice with David Ray, it was made in two-parts and I joined those two-parts together when firing with the glaze. I am very proud of this piece and it taught me some new techniques that I had never known before. Now (in April 2023), I am working on some more table centrepiece bowls and lidded forms using similar technique.


[two x Rabbit Jars, stoneware]

As 2022 turned into 2023 I was working on these rabbit jars. This was my first time with a partial working studio (a table basically - and access to my clay and tools again). I've enjoyed spending time and adding a lot of colour and detail to these jars.


[Cockatoo Jar, stoneware]

Earlier in 2023, after making the rabbit jars I attempted this large cockatoo jar - which turned out amazing! He has a lot of character and has been a pleasure to create and bring to life.


[Middle aged lady, stoneware]

This particular sculpture is personal to me and was made to welcome people into my new studio and sculpture garden (coming soon), so it will reside here. I've planted a succulent within her open head and I look forward to connecting with her further in the future.


Aside from the 'middle aged lady', all of the above, plus a few more things (including elegant porcelain earrings) will be released in my next Online Shop Drop on Saturday 15th April at midday (Sydney time - GMT+10). Keep an eye out in my store here:

Thank you very much for reading,

With LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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