Not just pieces of pottery...

I sit here...
This day 10 months ago, and just over 300 days ago... I was faced with this...

Today.... now, I am faced with something more incredible than I could have imagined back then in March 2019.

All is rebuilt and upgraded.
My initial building, glazing and firing tests are complete.
All successfully created pieces are now within this website.
This day has arrived.

Feeling emotional, I recall every tear, every breakthrough.
Every experiment, every trial.
This last 10 months have been some of the toughest of my life.
I used my time to work on other projects, get to know porcelain, and let my imagination create whatever I wanted.
I had no orders to fill or shop shelves to stock.
It was just me, my hands and my imagination.

All of the 130 pieces launching now - on launch day (5 Jan 2020) - are personal experimental pieces which represent this time period of taking risks.

They feel alive to me - and not just mere innate objects.
They have life... they contain some of my heart.
Within them is the process... the journey of my rebuild and upgrade.
Within every piece's fabric I exist.

They are my babies...
And they have been created, passed my experiments and have reached this point in my private space - where not many people have touched them in person.

And now... I swing open the doors of my inner sanctuary to let you in.
To touch... and be touched.

My heart is open.
My body shakes.
It is done.

The room is dark,
My personal creations -
The representation of my ten months, sit.
They wait in quiet,
Alive and well,
Waiting for the sunrise swell.
When the chime rings nine,
The doors swing open.
They'll be on show,
For the first time.
My babies,
My creations,
My experiments,
My successes.
Each one contains a piece of me.
My heart is offered within each one.
Each creation is personal.
I don't feel attached though,
It's more sentiment,
... the milestone, the process and accomplishment.
I want to welcome,
All who want to,
To walk into my doors.
To browse, touch and be touched by my pieces.
To see what I've been working on.
Raw emotion stirs in me.
My heart is ablaze,
I feel restless.
Ten months ago my life changed.
To think I would be at this point now, ten months ago, is inconceivable.
Now I can welcome you into my sacred launch space my friends,
I trust you like what you see.
Touch, and be touched.
And a message to me - 'I did it!!'


Thank you so much for your outpouring support, encouragement and patience as I stepped into the scariest and most unknown of territories in 2019.

It was a mere stepping stone into the greatest time of my life.

All my LOVE,
- Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Fire is the great transformer. timing has not gone unnoticed.
    Your Phoenix has risen, out of the ashes, just as the rest of Australia is burning.
    Fire transforms. From the ashes comes renewal, change, growth, replenishment, new, bigger, better.
    Your journey Your beautiful.
    Thank you for being 🙏💜

  • Your talents seem endless. Your love for your gifts shine so brightly. Through your eyes and creativity I am in awe. Thank you for sharing with us, I’ll be sharing this for all to see. Good luck💖💖💖


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