Preparing for a solo exhibition!

It's mid-February 2021.

I am in the early stages of serious prepping towards my current big goal - a solo exhibition.

I've had the idea / leaning for many months, and after the recent 12hr Healing Event I hosted on the 4th of February I feel clearer and more determined than ever to make this happen.

I am not ready for it to take place tomorrow (really soon)... I am planning this over the long-term (one year plus).

My current goal is to make some effort every day to move towards this dream - this article is one of those efforts.

An exhibition is nothing if it doesn't have creations to exhibit. Therefore I need to dedicate time to making, painting, sculpting, drawing, planning, dreaming etc.... each small step takes me towards my goal.

Although I would like to feature a fair amount of ceramics, I also want to include some of my drawings, paintings and sketch studies.

Behind the scenes here I am focusing and working towards this, and I hope to secure a venue for later 2021 or 2022 in the coming few months. To have the date set will also be a wonderful incentive for me.

I now realise that this dream of mine is doable and could be a great way to showcase my work in a different way.

Currently I do not have a theme or specific thing I will only exhibit. I would like it to reflect the vastness of my work, creations and styles. Although, I have heard from many 'people of influence', that this is not a good idea, and that I should specialise and focus on one style / theme.... I cannot.

My unique range and various expressions are who I am, and for the first time in my life I feel confident and proud of my expressive and artistic abilities. It is not in my nature to make just one style. My dreams, intuition and feelings mix with what inspires me, then I see what I can create with this. I cannot limit it to one style or theme - not at this stage anyway.

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Lee-Anne Peters

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