Sculpting some owl features

I am currently making a Boobook Owl inspired sculpture using stoneware fired white raku clay.

The main shape of the body and head is made. It is stuff tightly with newspaper to help hold its shape while the clay is still very soft.

Meanwhile I have a round clay post I have also made. This is setting up to the side - as it needs to be firm before I can attach this owl and then add the more detailed winged feathers and talons.

I do tend to add the owl when everything is still too soft. Although it works, I am sure I could wait a little longer for them to firm up and then have them attach better. I'll see if I have patience to do that this time.

Here's a short video of me adding the eyes and some feather details to this owl:

Keep an eye out for this owl, or others in the 'animal' part of this website's store here:

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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