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Art Residency Diary

Lee-Anne Peters

Day 11 – 22 August 2022


I've had a productive 11th (actual) day here at the Art Residency studio. Two pieces have been varnished, number nine is progressing and the final - number ten of my Black Swan body of work - has begun.


My process begins with figuring out what I am going to paint - mostly I am referencing my own photos. Then I need to decide where to position everything. After that I create a grid, pencil all of the shapes in, and then I am ready to apply paint.



As you will see from the painting above, after I pencil it in (look closely you can probably still see some pencil) then I block in the important areas.


I prefer to use red as a block in colour for the most part, and in some cases blue.


After this, once dry, I will wash in the first layer of background – ensuring that I can still see my under-painting through it.


Then I can proceed to block in the main subject matter again, but this time with a black wash. This process is then repeated about five or six times – background wash, then featured areas to be filled.


From time to time I also blot in some very thick strips of colour to represent the grassy reeds (it's called 'ribbon grass' I've been told) that is present in the lake nearby, once they are dry I paint a wash over them too.


It's lots of fun and by now, I am in a very good swing with this.


I'll be back here tomorrow (Tues) from about 11am till 4pm.


79 High st,

Oatlands, TAS


See calendar of opening days / hours pinned to the top of my Facebook Page, and in the window at the above location.


Black Swan Exhibition – Sat 27 Aug (10am – 6pm) & Sun 28 Aug (10am – 3pm) Final day!

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