Swanning... final push!

Art Residency Diary

Lee-Anne Peters

Day 12 – 23 August 2022


I had a productive day today, and did a good 6hrs of painting. Although progress is being made on my last two Black Swan paintings by the end of the day I was feeling a disconnect with them both.


Sometimes the creation of art goes through a messy / ugly stage in the process, and it's at this point we can either quit, or keep pushing. I know from experience that I will be happy with the end result - it's just that sometimes getting to that point requires more patience than at other times.



Both of these last paintings feature a pair of swans swimming - so creating movement, as well as the feeling of 'weight' in water is something I am continuing to work on through my layering.


I ended up bringing out a little 'rebel' in me to the pieces, and painted the swans red again, then I will tackle them on Thursday with fresh eyes.


I'll be back on location on Thursday from noon till 5pm




79 High st,

Oatlands, TAS


See calendar of opening days / hours pinned to the top of my Facebook Page, and in the window at the above location.



Black Swan Exhibition – Sat 27 Aug (10am – 6pm) & Sun 28 Aug (10am – 3pm) Final day!

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