Swans everywhere!

Art Residency Diary

Lee-Anne Peters

Day 8 – 16 August 2022


Early this morning I started working on a new piece, and am noticing that this week I am really drawn to the groups of Black Swans. I was somewhat resistant to doing any paintings like this - as I thought they'd be quite difficult - which they are quite tricky, but also very fun! The unfolding of these is quite rewarding. I currently have three of these on the go.


Today I enjoyed a stroll to the lake for a radio interview with Diana on 7MID. It was lovely chatting and sharing some of my experience and information on my Art Residency this month.


For the rest of the day I continued working on building up the layers for the three paintings in progress. They require a lot of layers of colour, texture and repainting the swans and their reflections back in. When I do this then I don't have to put the background in around the swans, and I also don't have to complete the background before adding the swans. I want the swans to blend into the background, and the background to blend into the swans.


in progress



It was quiet on the visitor front today, however I did enjoy a couple of visits from local Peter, and a couple I have known for many years who moved to Oatlands earlier this year – they heard me on the radio!


I'll be back here on Saturday (20th) afternoon from 2pm – 6pm, and Sunday from 9am – noon.




79 High st,

Oatlands, TAS


See calendar of opening days / hours pinned to the top of my Facebook Page, and in the window at the above location.


Black Swan Exhibition – Sat 27 Aug (10am – 6pm) & Sun 28 Aug (10am – 3pm) Final day!

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