The final countdown....

Art Residency Diary

Lee-Anne Peters

Day 13 & 14 – 25 & 26 August 2022



I was painting until the end of the day yesterday (day 13) finishing my last two paintings for this residency. I created a personal target of 10 x Black Swan paintings to be painted over the month of August, and I made it!!


For me at least, and perhaps any creative person who works on a project, it is quite satisfying and personally rewarding to have achieved such a thing from a period of hard work, dedication and persistence. I tend to get very focused on the creation part of the journey – 'each brush stroke' – that to see 10 x paintings lined up and complete is a wonderful surprise.



I was up until very late last night rearranging my art studio to be more of a gallery and exhibition space and hanging works. I've been considering this for many days, and am very happy with how everything has come together collectively in this space.


One thing that is quite typical at an art exhibition is a 'guest book' – where guests can sign in and leave a message about the exhibition. For me, in my typical style, I wanted to do something different so I painted a quick Black Swan on this board below, and have invited visitors today (and will again Saturday and Sunday) to leave a note and their name.




This way I can hang it on my wall, as a reminder of this achievement, instead of tucking a book away somewhere never to pick up again.


Today has been, what I call, the 'early viewing' of my Black Swan Exhibition, and I've enjoyed some great company and visitors. Some known to me, who made the trip to visit, and others came in who were passing by.


I'll be back here tomorrow from 10am till 5pm, and Sunday (my very last day here) open from 10am – 3pm.


79 High st,

Oatlands, TAS


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