The Heritage Festival!

Art Residency Diary
Lee-Anne Peters
Day 5 & 6 – 13 & 14 August 2022
I've spent a few late nights and early mornings in my Art Residency Studio late last week and over the weekend. And by the end of day 6 (Sunday) I had my 5th Black Swan complete. All I have to do is varnish it during my time there today.
'Do it my way!' - Inspired by local complainer XX
This weekend I had a blast of a time during the Heritage and Bullock Festival. Lots of visitors called in, others admired me painting and waved from outside the window. Children, stood gaping outside - which was very cool. I met so many wonderful people traveling, locals, other artists, councilors and children.
Typically I am drawing, sculpting or painting quietly and privately at home, so it is a unique treat to be sharing what I do with other people. It's interesting to see what things draw people's attention, feedback people have and their thoughts about what I am doing.
Some highlights for me were:
- from two ladies who recognised my sculptural work from the 'Lightbox' exhibition I had at Salamanca Arts Centre in Nov 2021 - how awesome to have left such a long-lasting impression.
- too many children to count who were very absorbent and interested in my painting, technique, sculpture etc.
- a lot of adults who seemed inspired to get out their paints, pastels and art materials to create too, with a lot of interest in art classes when my own studio is set up in Campbell Town.
- the feedback and stories, the questions and interest etc was all fantastic!
I still have to pinch myself that I am lucky enough to be painting so much right now, from such a wonderful location and second home. I feel enriched and very grateful.
Now I work my way towards my Art Residency Final Exhibition - which will see all of the Black Swans from this residency complete, on display to view and available to purchase.
I will be there today (Mon 15th), painting some new Black Swans from noon till late into the afternoon. You're welcome to visit (bring your art supplies too if you'd like to create with me).
Exhibition dates:
Sat 27 Aug 10am - 6pm
Sun 28 Aug 10am - 3pm (final day)
79 High st,
Oatlands, TAS
... until 28 August.
See calendar of opening days / hours pinned to the top of my Facebook Page and in the window of AirSpace Oatlands.

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