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Good evening,

I feel inspired to open up and share this point I am at on my ceramics journey. It was almost one year ago since I shared my journey from Terracotta to Porcelain, and my rebuilding year (2019) - after fire destroyed my workshop and kilns. Then, I decided to start from scratch - but at a new level.

It was 10 months ago since I relaunched my high-fire ware after I was out of action for around 10 months previously.

Where am I at now? What is developing? How am I settling into this upgraded phase? What have I adjusted to? etc

These are the types of questions I am interested in exploring within this blog.

Right now I have just moved my clay building area from my living room table and into my workshop / shed. We are moving into summer and with all of the making I've been doing, and the health hazard that is clay dust, I needed to get the clay out of the house and expand.

I'm keen to see how I go in this new space for the coming warmer months, and if successful start to organise a separate workshop area - sealed and with insulation (and heating) to be my making space. With something like this, I may also be in a position to offer pottery classes - but that is a 'pie in the sky' idea at the moment.

In these past months I have been making a lot with stoneware, and less with porcelain. Why? Because it is so much better to hand build with. Porcelain - is like trying to make cottage cheese stand up and form into something! It is fickle, floppy and delicate. I do like the whiteness of it - so use it in jewellery, roses and brooches, however I don't think I will make many more sculptures out of it.

I'm making a lot of sculptures - especially of birds. The bonus is that they are speaking to people - so are finding new homes quite quickly, and I absolutely love the challenge of making them.

I'm also developing some techniques to sculpt trees - which was a passion / obsession for a few months.

I've settled in well to this upgraded phase. My new kiln is going really well, and is being turned on much more often than I thought it would. I guessed it would be every 3 months... however it's typically 6-8 weeks, or last time 3 weeks in between firings! The key, I have found, is that I can create larger pieces - which fill the kiln well, and still there is room for some smaller items.

Looking ahead I have my pieces in a great local art gallery (Three Peaks Gallery, Sorell, Tasmania) and have entered into some local art exhibitions coming up. As I make more, I am slowly looking for other galleries or locations to stock my pieces. I feel there is no rush. I am happy with sales at present and the balance between my ceramics and my Temple of Balance work.

The lockdown and closed border period has been busy. It prompted me to revive my Garden Wizards, and has shown me that there is incredible local and international support.

I am putting a lot of work into my creations, and adding more finer details and elements to help my pieces stand out as unique, well made and desirable.

Here I am, in October 2020, continuing to move forward, grow and recognise my skill level and what I am capable of. I am proud of the pieces I am creating and I trust their new owners enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Let's see where it all goes from here.

~ All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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  • I am a very happy customer of your ceramics.And that little touch of adding a card too.thank you.x

    Maria hill

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