Q & A

Q: Do you take commission orders?

A: I can take commissions in some cases. I will not take commission for smaller items, and in general pieces under $300. Requests for specific things can be made, and I will make them if inspired to and can give you first option if it turns out well. Larger, corporate, memorial or organisation commission requests are considered.

Q. I really like something you made but it is sold out. Will you make another one?

A: Everything on this website is a one-off piece, so even if I was to attempt to make something the same, it will vary slightly. The sculptures, aside from the large owls, are based on how I feel and what I am interested in at the time of creating. In that mood and focus it is quite difficult to reinvent something previously made because there is more that goes into the creation than just making. You never know though, I may do something similar in the future. Please keep an eye out, and take action if there is something you specifically like.

Q. I've been considering an item and it is not on the website any more, what happened?

A. This website is not the only place I present my pieces. Some, especially sculptures may end up in exhibitions around Australia. Cups and some other items may end up in local shops I have my wares in. Please fill out the contract form if there is one you were interested in which isn't here anymore, it may be able to be collected for you.

If you have a question which is not covered here, please fill out the contact form below.