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Bird House
Bird House
Bird House
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Bird House

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Outdoor Bird House - large

handmade in earthenware

This Bird House has been constructed with much care, time and attention. It has been made by joining semi-dry slabs together to construct the lower layer first and then the upper on top of that. 

Panels that don't have 'doors' for the birds to enter their house, there are hand drawn birds of prey over a white background.

The piece is partly glazed - especially the roofs and inside floor to help keep it waterproof from that end. There are two drift wood 'perches' gently glued into the lower section.

This piece can sit on a firm pedestal - like timber, concrete or other, even grass.

If preferred, it also has an inner chamber underneath where a short star picket or timber post could be added to lift it off the ground a bit. As the house is quite big I wouldn't lift it up too high off the ground.

Add some bird food, or something to entice the birds in and some are sure to call it home before too long.

This is an outdoor piece, recommended to be placed in a semi sheltered position. It will stand up very well to weather.

Details -

Dimensions: H. 52cm x W: 38cm x D: 38cm

Base style: flat

Glaze colour: partly glazed. Some clear over handdrawn panels, honey chocolate glaze inside and on roofs. Unglazed elsewhere.

Weight: 9.8kg (total)

Shipping: not for shipping, local pick up at Campbell Town, Tasmania, or delivery and installation on location in TASMANIA: to Hobart & surrounds, Midlands Highway, Launceston & surrounds - $20 extra.

AU$950 - no shipping

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

*Some reflections or shadows observed in photo may not be present in person.

*Ceramics are breakable, so please handle gently and with care.