Garden Wizard - Joe
Garden Wizard - Joe
Garden Wizard - Joe
Garden Wizard - Joe
Garden Wizard - Joe

Garden Wizard - Joe

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Garden Wizard - hand sculpted by Lee-Anne Peters

Joe is amazed by what he's hearing in the wizard's meeting today. There is talk of reforms, regulations on the spells a wizard can cast and other legalities. Joe can't believe his ears and looks forward to seeing what will be implemented to improve the well being of wizards, the planet and all creatures.

Includes collection certificate, signed by artist.

Name: Joe
Number: 11 - 2021
Height: 21cm
Width: 10cm
Depth: 10cm
Weight: 574g
Shipping weight: 1200g

Exchange: AUD$90 plus shipping - see below
Materials: Stoneware. dolphin blue and milky white glaze over hat, and chocolate glaze wash over body.

Handbuilt by Lee-Anne Peters

Great to decorate and enhance your home, office, garden, alter or sacred space.

All Garden Wizards are numbered, named, stamped and come with a signed authenticity card.

All wizards are made with stoneware ceramic clay, which is breakable if dropped or smashed against something. Please handle with care. All wizards are packaged well to avoid breakage in shipping.