Sculpture - The Sage
Sculpture - The Sage
Sculpture - The Sage
Sculpture - The Sage
Sculpture - The Sage
Sculpture - The Sage

Sculpture - The Sage

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Sculpture - The Sage - Earth People Collection #5

handmade in high-fired stoneware clay

includes Certificate of Authenticity.

A high-fired (quite durable) handmade sculpture. Meet 'The Sage'. His creation was well instructed (unlike most that tend to form as they go). I saw his hair, beard and eyebrows long and unruly, his wise gaze, and long layers of robe hanging off him. 

The Sage holds his personal book - it is only able to be read and interpreted by him. The pages are blank to our eyes, but to his, they contain all of the mysteries he has ever discovered.

The Sage's book represents personal knowledge and the ability to record (write or document) this knowledge from observations and from life experiences.

He wears robe layers of peacock blue - highlighting deep truth and understanding. The Sage is 'the wise one' frozen in time in this sculpture. Time paused as he was sculpted and brought to life.

The Sage inspires the need to 'let down one's hair' - to relax, not be so tense and approach life from a calm and objective perspective.

The Sage has much to teach his keeper, and he will be a great meditation focus and will likely appear in his keeper's dreams.

Around The Sage's feet grow mushrooms - revealing much growth, life and medicine for his keeper.

Note: some minor base crack repaired.

Details -

Collection: Earth People Collection #5 - In the Land of Shymaree Exhibition.

Dimensions: H. 40.5cm x W: 18cm x D: 19cm

Base style: flat

Glaze colour: chocolate glaze wash over hair and head - various colourants, stains and underglazes carefully hand painted on. Over some of these is clear glaze to give a sheen effect.

Weight: 3.7kg

Shipping: not for shipping, local pick up at Campbell Town, Tasmania, or delivery and installation on location in TASMANIA: to Hobart & surrounds, Midlands Highway, Launceston & surrounds - $20 extra.

Price: AU$350 - no shipping

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

*Some reflections or shadows observed in photo may not be present in person.

*Ceramics are breakable, so please handle gently and with care.