Smudge Bowl Package
Smudge Bowl Package
Smudge Bowl Package
Smudge Bowl Package
Smudge Bowl Package
Smudge Bowl Package

Smudge Bowl Package

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Smudge Bowl package - ceramic bowl, white sage stick and Tasmanian sand.

handmade in earthenware

A handmade ceramic smudge bowl, includes 3tblsp of local beach Tasmanian sand and 11cm sage smudge stick.

Smudging has been used for a long time to help clear negativity.
The sweet smelling smoke can be used to brush through your aura, room, home, space or object.
It's great to use if there is a lot stress, anger or uncomfortable energy about.
Once you're done using it, snuff it out in the provided sand, and resume another time.
Sage sticks can last quite a few months or years.

What is smudging? Smudging has been used for many generations in native based cultures. It is used to help clear negativity around an individual, item, room or building.

How this works - The sand is placed at the bottom of the bowl, and when needed the sage stick is set alight and then any flame blown out. It then leaves a sage scented smoke. It's this smoke that can then be guided over the person, item or space with the clear intention of removing all negative energy, entities, cords, hooks, attacks and attachments. Once this is complete, then use the sand to snuff out the sage stick completely. Ensure there are no areas smouldering. The sage stick can then be re-used again and again as required.

Included within this package -

SMUDGE BOWL - this unique bowl is handmade using white stoneware clay. It is a good size and can be used for other purposes (doesn't have to be for smudging). The symbol or words on it are to help infuse positivity within it's use. The bowl has been fired to bisque and glaze fired as is standard for this type of clay. The glazes are handmade and are lead free. All are high-fired (quite durable) and handmade by Lee-Anne from her studio in Tasmania, Australia.

Ceramics are breakable - although quite durable, they can still chip or break if dropped or treated roughly.

SMUDGE STICK - white sage. 11cm long.

SAND - the 3 tblsp local Tasmanian beach sand is hand collected. This comes in a zip lock bag. When you receive your package, open your bag of sand and place it in the bottom of the bowl. This is used to put out the smudge stick after use. note: ensure the smudge stick is fully out (not even smouldering) before leaving it on its own.

Details (each bowl is made by hand so varies slightly) -

BOWL Dimensions: H. 11cm x W: 10cm x D: 10cm

Base style: Donut

Words / affirmation / symbol: I am protected

Glaze colour: Forest Green with lavender glaze.

Clay: Terracotta - earthenware

Individual BOWL Weight (approx): 400g

Shipping Weight - total package - total: 900g (with packaging)

BOWL Liquid Volume: approx 500ml

AU$59 plus shipping - see below

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

*Some reflections or shadows observed in the photos may not be present in person.

*Ceramics are breakable, so please handle gently and with care.