Udu Drum - Eagle
Udu Drum - Eagle
Udu Drum - Eagle
Udu Drum - Eagle
Udu Drum - Eagle
Udu Drum - Eagle

Udu Drum - Eagle

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UDU DRUM - with Eagle design

handmade in earthenware

The Udu Drum originated in Africa. It is a drum that is made from clay, and is either held or rested on the lap or floor.

With an open hand, the palm and fingers are played over and around the main opening of the drum to make the rhythm of bass beats and vibrating tones.

This drum has a nurturing, earthy and motherly feel. Carved into the back is a Wedge tailed eagle. This piece has been finished with terracotta and then been highly burnished to finish.

Details -

Dimensions: H. 36.5cm x W: 27.5cm x D: 21.5cm

Base style: slighlty concave

Glaze colour: burnished with terracotta, no glaze

Weight: 4.23kg

Shipping Weight - total package - total: 5.4kg (with packaging)

AU$420 plus shipping - see below

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

*Some reflections or shadows observed in photo may not be present in person.

*Ceramics are breakable, so please handle gently and with care.